nedeľa 20. decembra 2015

V/A "THE SPY 001" (1986) - re-up

New link of this rare compilation. Send by Michele from Italy. All made with 2 freeware's: mp3directcut (to divide tracks) and Audacity (to keep away noise and make other little operations). Thanx!

Released by Old Europa Cafe - an Italian independent record label and mail order service specializing in ambient music, noise music, electronic music, and industrial music. It is based in Pordenone. Originating in the early 1980s Old Europa Cafe began as a small cassette label. Some of the original Old Europa Cafe artists included De Fabriek, Mauro Teho Teardo, and Brume. According to founder Rodolfo Protti, Old Europa Cafe has two guidelines for musick it releases - uncompromising industrial sounds and esoteric dark ambient styles.


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