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Earth Citizens - Live @ O.J.C. Elektra, Sliedrecht, Netherlands, May 10, 1991

EARTH CITIZENS - HC/punk zo Švajčiarska, naživo v Holandsku, 1991.

Earth Citizens - Live @ O.J.C. Elektra, Sliedrecht, Netherlands, May 10, 1991

Počúva ešte niekto v roku 2019 EARTH CITIZENS ?
Ja som si po dlhšom čase opäť začal písať s Pablom - ich bubeníkom. Voľakedy to boli dlhé dopisy + kresby, kazety, nálepky - dnes skôr kratšie maily, prípadne nejaký mesidž cez Discogs, ale stále to trvá.


Info from You tube:

Earth Citizens’ toured Europe in May of 1991 and after a surprise gig in Paris we headed to the legendary Vort’n Vis, totally curious what it will be like to play there. Quite a few of our penpals had said they’d be there, so we were looking forward to it! Total bummer as we arrived and the place was closed with a note from our organiser Bruno Genet. It said we should call him, which we did. For some reason he cancelled the gig!!! And made us drive all the way to Sliedrecht (The Netherlands). The big dinner he offered us was french fries – yaaay! We were suspicious of him and in the end thought he cancelled the gig to see ‘Concrete Sox’ (who were great!) and ‘Private Jesus Detector’ (great too). We then drove back to Gent for the night, only to have Bruno offering us his student-room to crash – 4 of us plus 3 of ‘Systemphobia’ who we’d picked up at the Vort’nVis. On top of that he asked us to pay for the gas…strange. Good thing was to see the two bands and meet the great guys of ‘Systemphobia’ who organized us a breakfast! Forever thankful for that!!! So in the end we only ever saw the closed door of the Vort’n Vis. Too bad! The tour in May 1991 included: ‘Schrein’n’hart’ (vocals & driver), ‘Furz The System’ (guitar & backing-vocals), ‘The Prophet’ (drums & backing-vocals) and Oli (driver). ‘Earth Citizens’ was an anarcho-punk band trying to set the world free of all the bad things. We had different views though, which we learnt at the first gig in Lyon when our singer went to actually ask for more money than we agreed to with the organisers of the tour. We then dropped our anti-capitalist song Money from the set ‘cause the rest of us thought we couldn’t sing “Money doesn’t guard our doors” when one of us actually cared about these things. In hindsight he was probably right. It was his van we used on the tour and of course the van needed gas. Anyway, the tour was organized by various people and yes I think Brob helped us with the gig in Terneuzen. I remember somewhere in between the Dutch gigs we made it to Gent and visited our good old friend :-) (Brob)… Pablo Aside from being in this band and keeping a busy correspondence going (also with myself), Pablo was the editor of several zines around that time (No Sanctuary, Alternative, Brain Death). Have no idea why Bruno cancelled this gig after I’d asked him… I believe I did get them another gig the next day in Kalashnikov (Terneuzen, The Netherlands)… Brob.

Swiss underground HC band from early 90´s


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Spomienka na November 1989

Rozmýšľal som, že čo dnes na blog dať vzhľadom na dôležitý historický dátum. A zrovna včera som si náhodou v kníhkupectve v SNG vzal časák Sóda - a tam som objavil pekný tematický článok od Jura Plánovského, žijúcej legendy SK metal/grind/nezávislej scény (LUES DE FUNES, ZOŽER MESIAC V LUFTE):


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Georgian Post-Punk Compilation

Kompilácia post-punkových kapiel z Gruzínska.


Georgian Post-Punk Compilation

01 - Afternoon Version - Champagne Gold
02 - Cerili (Amorali) - Shishveli Xeebi (Naked Trees)
03 - Children's Medicine - Shedikhar Tkheshi (Entering the Forest)
04 - Genetic Code - Artificial Love
05 - Kumle - Televizori
06 - Mother on Mondays - House Of Love
07 - PLAKQSA - Sonia
08 - Qisho Da Inteligencia - Cheshmariteba (Truth)
09 - Spandera Da Kompratia - Datom Ramtove Zemze
10 - Taqsi - Chemi Saxli Jojoxets Hgavs (My House Looks Like Hell)
11 - Vietnam Radio - Ann's Room
12 - Marlene Dietrich - Do Vstrechi


Pozri aj blog galériART: https://ceruzouafarbou.blogspot.com/2019/11/vystava-dusa-priroda.html


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Outsider ‎– Inside LP (1992)

Gruzínsky punk/alternatívny rock.


1) 17 წამიანი - 17-Tsamiani
2) სურათი - Surati
3) ჩვენება - Chveneba
4) მსუქანი ბუზი - Msuqani Buzi
5) სოფელო - Sopelo
6) დროშა - Drosha
7) ცხრათვალა მზე - Cxratvala Mze
8) ქალი - Qali
9) უნიტაზი, ღმერთო! – Unitazi, Gmerto!
10) ქალაქი - Qalaqi
11) მკერავის ტანგო - Mkeravis Tango
12) გავათავე - Gavatave



Info: https://www.discogs.com/Outsider-Inside/release/5248563


Punk rock from Georgia (ex-USSR).

Check also: 






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HISZTÉRIA - Támadni kell ! (1991)

HISZTÉRIA - HC/punk z Budapešti. Nedávno som si cez Discogs kúpil CD/DVD so všetkými albumami tejto kapely + nejakými bonus videami. A voľakde by som možno ešte vyhrabal ixtú kópiu kazety s ich rannými nahrávkami s 300-x-prexeroxovaným obalom. 



Pozri aj: http://muzika-komunika.blogspot.com/2017/11/kampec-dolores-made-in-budapest-1986.html


Pokiaľ ťa zaujíma aktuálny stav DIY scény v Pešti, pozri: 


Hungarian HC/punk.


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Szelest Spadających Papierków - Płyta Redłowska (2001)

Szelest Spadających Papierków - zaujímavá free-jazz/avant-garda/industrial kapela z Poľska.

Album tu: 

Szelest Spadających Papierków (English: The Rustle Of Falling Papers). Founded in Gdańsk, Poland in 1981.

Sławomir “Ozi” Żamojda (born 1965) and Szymon Albrzykowski (born 1964) met in 1981 at a concert. A few weeks later they made their first joint performance as a new group, which took a number of names over the following years, e.g. Pop Corn, Paryskie Trąbki (Paris Trumpets), Paryskie Trąbki Wariaty (Paris Crazy Trumpets). Although inspired by punk rock, their music went beyond that aesthetic formula. Their live performances rarely finished in a traditional way, as they affirmed various forms of destruction as a primary tool of artistic creation and accomplished that by demolishing their musical instruments and sound equipment.

In 1985 Żamojda and Albrzykowski changed their moniker to Szelest Spadających Papierków, a phrase borrowed from a poem by Ireneusz Falecki, a Polish poet invited to cooperate with the collective.

The period of 1985-1992 was the most successful and creative time in the band’s career. They established a long-term cooperation with the avant-garde TOTART group. Their gigs at that time were more of a sort of multimedia performance with Dadaistic and surrealistic poetry, slides or film projections and para-theatrical happenings. They played trance music, inspired by the industrial avant-garde of rock music and made with traditional acoustic instruments (guitar, drums) as well as with electronics (noise generators, electronic drum, prepared tapes).

The 1990s saw Szelest Spadających Papierków pare down their activities and focuse more on their families and professional lives. After that hiatus in 2001 they released a new album called “Płyta Redłowska”. (Discogs)

Hľadám staršie veci tejto kapely!!! 
I am looking for old recordings of this band!!!