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POSLEDNIE TANKI V PARIZHE "Devstvennost" (1998)

POSLEDNÉ TANKY V PARÍŽI (Последние Танки В Париже).
Hlučný post-punk z Petrohradu.



Последние Танки В Париже (Last Tanks in Paris) is a russian punk / alternative rock band, based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Formed in Vyborg in 1996 as the punk-rock act, they became famous for their antisocial and drug-related lyrics. After a string of punk records they moved towards new wave and post-punk sound.
The frontman, sinder and songwriter of the band Leha Nikonov (Лёха Никонов) is also a writer. And Eduard Starkov, original drummer of LAST TANKS IN PARIS was a member of HIMERA / Химера (another great St. Peterburg HC band). He commited suicide in late February 1997.


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