piatok 30. septembra 2016

Viva la blogs!

Zhruba niekedy v rokoch 2007/2008 som na internete vypátral prvé hudobné blogy. Dovtedy bol pre mňa pojem blog akýmsi osobným článkom o politike na webovej stránke novín SME.

Medzi tie ktoré ma zaujali najviac určite patrili MUTANT SOUNDS a NO LONGER FORGOTTEN MUSIC. Oba už sú žiaľ nefunkčné, ale spustili vlnu záujmu o neobjavené nahrávky. Ja som sa roky ku rôznym obskúrnym nahrávkam ťažko dopracovával a tu boli k dispozícii až hriešne ľahko, takže som im venoval patričnú pozornosť. Oba boli zamerané na hudobný underground, kazetové nahrávky malých labelov 80-tych rokov a na podivuhodné platne z celého sveta. Žánrovo sa tam dal nájsť new wave, minimal, art-rock, prog-rock, post-punk, ale aj obskúrny hardcore-punk, industrial a pod.

S tvorcom blogu 433rpm/NO LONGER FORGOTTEN MUSIC som spravil aj krátky rozhovor do prvého čísla zinu MUZIKA-KOMUNIKA:

(Pôvodný rozhovor:http://muzika-komunika.blogspot.sk/2010/02/http433rpmblogspotcom-interview.html)

Od toho času vzniklo veľké množstvo blogov zameraných na podzemnú scénu, všelijaké nahrávky už dnes možno počuť. Aj pod vplyvom tých dvoch vyššie spomínaných blogov som v septembri 2009 založil svoj blog MUZIKA-KOMUNIKA. Tak sa pomaly preniesol môj hlavný zdroj vymieňania/zdieľania nahrávok na internet. Samozrejme stále pokračujem vo výmenách fyzických nosičov, kaziet, platní či zinov, ale kontakty už častejšie nachádzam cez blogy ako cez ziny.

Nedávno som natrafil na blog ARCHAIC INVENTIONS, ktorý robí chalan Bence a keď som ho kontaktoval, dozvedel som sa, že svojho času pre holandský časák KNiK napísal článok o blogoch, ktorý ma zaujal a tak ho tu šérujem.

2016 marks the tenth anniversary of music blogs on the internet. The birth of music blogs meant a redefinition of traditional music history and the uncovering of previously unknown music to a broader audience.

Before the start of the so called blogosphere music files and information about music were mostly scattered on primitive forums through which all sorts of music types were exchanged. However, through the ability for the public to create a personal blog with a more specified profile, marginal musical releases between 1960 and 1990 found their way to a larger group of aficionados. Of course there existed tons of blogs with commercial music, but the real importance was created by bloggers that saved “forgotten” and marginally published music from oblivion.

Around 2006 a handful of people started to digitalize their collection of obscure cassettes and vinyl on blog grids like blogger and wordpress, which eventually led people to see an entire world of deviant music that functioned as a source of information to shed light on the development of underground music. Furthermore many forgotten artists found their way back to the public and finally got their deserved recognition. Labels started to reissue “forgotten” music, often because of the scarcity of copies or DIY nature of being published locally. Some of the old musical styles like minimal wave and krautrock created new fashionable profiles in clubs and bars worldwide. Obscure blogs became a virtual informative buffer zone connected to the underground music scene for heads interested in strange music. On top of that it also highlighted artistic endeavours from less attention targeted countries by publishing accompanying essays showing how underground music balanced on the fringes of their specific historical, social and political contexts.

The most important and now legendary blogs of avant-garde, experimental, psychedelic, minimal synth, home-taping, weird, punk, industrial, improvisation, rock in opposition and library music (just to name a few genres) that arose about ten years ago were a.o. Mutant Sounds, No Longer Forgotten Music, Direct Waves, FM Shades, The Thing on The Doorstep and Continuo. So many obscure releases were uncovered and compressed on these blogs that people could endlessly dig into the history of strange alternative, underground and deviant music. These blogs are still recommended because they provide a great amount of information. Most importantly they told such a relevant story of music history that it altered conventional music history enormously.

The last couple of years a decline in blogs has been noticeable due to a variety of developments. File-sharing websites ceased to exist, people began to be increasingly concerned with copyright infringement and most releases were simply already uncovered through time. With the disappearance of some of the legendary active blogs, the heyday of the sharing of underground music on the web seemed to be finished. It was at this moment when I figured I’d start a blog myself with just enough confidence and material to share. Moreover, these blogs gave me so much insight in great music and had become a part of my daily life since I was about sixteen years old that I felt it was my duty to continue the journey.

I have always thought that the copyright issue wasn’t too much of a problem in the world of obscure music. The sharing of marginally published releases, mostly out of print for a very long time, rather created renewed exposure for the music and artists than a robbery of their material. In many cases it resulted in reissues of the music and to a global spreading of information through internet. However, the sharing of music always has a paradoxical nature. When I started Archaic Inventions I decided to stick to a couple guidelines: the music cannot be found anywhere else on the web, it has to be out of print for a long time and if an artist or label doesn’t like that the music is published for free I would take down the post immediately.

Archaic Inventions exists for about two and a half years now and the amount of releases isn’t that high, because I tend to post two new releases per month. I’m always on the lookout for obscure music that is not available on other blogs or platforms yet, which makes it a monthly challenge to keep the blog running. I like to keep a variety of countries represented throughout the releases to maintain something dynamic and informative. Right now releases are from Holland, Venezuela, Hungary, Japan and many others. I write my own information on every release and try to be genuine in my approach. Music blogs are not created to show off your music collection or to make your records increase in their value. It’s primarily about sharing and preserving.

It’s up to individuals to preserve, share and highlight these cultural expressions. You can be part of this too! Start a blog!

By Bence Meijer

Archaic Inventions focuses on experimental, avant-garde, obscure electronic, improvisation, home-taping, modern composed, post-punk and library releases you will find first hand on the blog.


Published on KNiK Magazine.


KNiK Magazine is published by OCCII, a venue for independent music in Amsterdam. We share an interest in music and art that dares to explore and dares not to be commercial.


utorok 27. septembra 2016


Ahoj, opäť ponúkam na výmenu niekoľko vinylov. Tentokrát malých, sedem-palcových:

V.Z. ‎– "Hymna Šibeničních Bratří / Podvedení Kameloti" (1988).

Prvý a jediný punkový singel v ČSSR.

Titanic • Sifon – "Vizáž / Nejsi Na Kolenou" (1988)

Hard ´n´ heavy

Vilém Čok a spol. ‎– "Televize / Sen" (1988)


Iva Bittová, Dunaj ‎– "Zrcadlový Sál / Plné Nebe" (1989)


Panta Rhei ‎– "Horor - Vanany Vanyna - Panta Rhei" (1989)

Podivná jazzová nová vlna

Betula Pendula ‎– Rock Debut 3 (1988)

Minimal/avant-folk rock

Stromboli ‎– Sandonoriko / Okolo Ohňů (1989)

Pop/cold wave/nová vlna

V prípade záujmu poskytnem info o stave vinylov a obalov. Mením iba za určité punk/alt/HC/new wave tituly, napr.:

OTCOVY DĚTI - Já sem s tebou/Procházim se krajinou SP (1991)
MŇÁGA A ŽĎORP - Rock Debut
VLTAVA - Rock Debut
O.Z.W. - Rock Debut

zo zahraničných napr.:

CRISIS / MILLENNIUM split 7" dve kapely na jednej doske, jedna z Nepálu, druhá z Indie, spolu vydával P. Tušl z VIEW BEYOND rec.

a niektoré dosky od labelu Tian An Men 89:

V/A Steppe-Punks, Underground Kazakhstan 7"
V/A REVOLUTIE - Underground Romania 7"
NATO 7" - punk/UG-rock z Arménska
MANDRAZH 7"- Underground-punk z Bieloruska
GHOST RIDER/THE ANTS - split 7" punk rock z Burmy/ resp. z Mjanmarska

...a iné

Kontakt: miso.komunikacia@gmail.com


I offer to trade some 80´s Czechoslovakian 7"s in quite good condition.

Some of 7"s are from Supraphon’s unnumbered pseudo edition series “Posloucháte Větrník” (“You are listening to Větrník”) in a preprinted picture sleeve with overprinted basic credits on the front cover. “Větrník” was the title of a popular Czechoslovak radio show on Vltava station (started July 1973). Most of that singles presented Czech rock/hard rock bands.

Exactly I offer three 7"s from this edition, includes first Czechoslovakian punk single ever - from VISACÍ ZÁMEK. It was Czech punk band which started back in early 80´s. They recorded it for state label Supraphon, under changed name V.Z. Released in 10 000 copies.

Another 7"s are from Panton label and they´re mainly in alternative/new wave style.


pondelok 26. septembra 2016

V/A "Romania Underground" (1991)

Prostredníctvom transatlantickej komunikácie sa mi podarilo zohnať nahrávku, ktorú som dlho hľadal. Je teda len v MP3-forme, ale je prevedená z originál kazety.
Aby som to ozrejmil - ja Slovák, som od Američana zohnal nahrávku s kapelami z Rumunska, ktorú zostavil Francúz a vydal Nemec. Punk nemá hraníc.

Niektoré z tých kapiel som už predtým počul, napr. takých ROATA, čo je teda viac menej alternatívny rock, ale jedna ich nahrávka - split s kapelou FOILETON - je považovaná za prvý Rumunský "punk rock" čo vyšiel na vinyle. Vydal to Electrecord (Rumunský štátny label) na 12" vinyle ako 13. pokračovanie v rámci série "Formati Rock" (niečo podobné ako boli v Čechách série "Rock debut" alebo "Rockmapa"). Brácho split našiel a doniesol mi ho z výletu z Rumunska, čím ma dosť potešil. Z tejto split nahrávky sú prevzaté aj dva ich songy uvedené na tejto kazetovej kompilácii. Ostatné kapely sú tvrdšieho rangu a z hlbšieho undergroundu. Zastúpené sú rôzne žánre - punk, HC, metal. Aj celkový zvuk kazety je ...no undergroundový.



Great underground gems from Romanian punk-rock/alternative/metal scene.
Big thanx to Aaron from Philadelphia for sharing this recording.


sobota 24. septembra 2016

V/A "Azok A Boldog Punk Napok 2" (1993)

Niekedy na prelome rokov 2000/2001 som sa spolu so systematickejším zháňaním nahrávok od punkových kapiel z celého bývalého Československa začal intenzívnejšie zaujímať aj o starú punkovú scénu z okolitých krajín, najmä teda z Poľska a Maďarska. V Čechách vtedy niekedy vyšla nedoceniteľná knižka "Kytary a řev...aneb co bylo za zdí" od nebohého Filipa Fuchsa, ktorá pátranie po CS kapelách výrazne uľahčovala. Dovtedy som si musel vystačiť z knižkami Punk not dead od E. Svítivého, potom s Excentrikmi v přízemí a prípadne starými článkami z časáku Rock a Pop. Niektoré staré bratislavské kapely som už mal ponahrávané od starších kamošov, takže bol čas ísť za hudobné hranice, či už Bratislavy a potom aj Slovenska. Keďže to bola pred-Youtube-ovská doba, bolo to podstatne ťažšie.

Konkrétne maďarské kapely sa zháňali dosť ťažko, niečo mi nahral kamoš Aleš z Čiech, niečo kamoši z Berlína. Potom som natrafil na týpka z Maďarska, ktorý mi za dosť prachov nahral kapely z kompilácii "Azok A Boldog Punk Napok". Mal som dve či tri pokračovania, len s trochu inými obalmi a s rôznymi dohrávkami (väčšinou kapiel v ktorých hrával Ádám Pozsonyi), takže sa v tom trochu ťažko orientovalo. Každopádne tie kapely zneli výborne, drsný zvuk, mali surový "drive". Potom mi kamoš Dobos zo Szegedu poslal linky na tie kompilácie a tak som si ich začal počúvať po rokoch znova.

Jedna z kompilácii je tu:


A ako bonus je tu kniha o starom maďarskom punku (kedysi som ju už na blog dával). Kniha je v maďarčine, no sú tam aj fotky :)



Hungarian punk compilation which involves bands which exists in late 70´s/80´s. On this compilation you can hear live records from 1982-84.


štvrtok 22. septembra 2016

F.O. SYSTEM - "S/T" (1990)

Maďarská gothic-rocková kapela z prelomu 80-tych a 90-tych rokov. Niečo pre poslucháčov napr. takých PRIESSNITZ alebo aj NEW MODEL ARMY. Link mi poslal kamoš Dobos zo Szegedu.



F.O. SYSTEM - Fuck Off System

The most popular dark-gothic rock band in Hungary at the end of the 80´s.
This is their first album, originally released on cassette, later remastered and released on CD.


utorok 20. septembra 2016


Ahoj, tu je niekoľko platní ktoré momentálne ponúkam na výmenu. Pokiaľ máš o niektorú záujem, napíš mi na mail uvedený na konci príspevku.

ALKEHOL "S/T" LP (Hospodo nalejvej), Monitor, 1992

HEX - "Ježiš Kristus Nosí Krátke Nohavice" LP, Monitor, 1992

LUCIE - "S/T" LP, Tommü Records, 1990

TEÓRIA ODRAZU - "S/T" LP, Globus International, 1991

Obal so šesťprstou päsťou

ARAKAIN "Thrash the trash" LP, Supraphon, 1991

Rock band kde búchal Erno Šedivý

INVISIBLE PEDESTRIAN "S/T" LP, Globus International, 1990

SAX "Zóna strachu" LP, Monitor, 1991

SKRAMASAX "Dark Powers" LP, S & M, 1991

Kontakt: miso.komunikacia@gmail.com


nedeľa 18. septembra 2016

Hľadám nahrávky !!! / Searching for recordings !!! (Help if you can)

Hľadám tieto nahrávky, nemáte ich niekto? Či už priamo na kazetách, alebo aj v MP3.
V ranných 90-tych rokoch ich skompiloval Luk Haas (ešte pred vydávaním vinylov pod značkou Tian An Men 89 Rec. - http://www.tam89records.com/home.html) a vyšli (pravdepodobne ako bootleg) na nemeckom labely Rebel Planet.

Please help in finding these recordings. Cassettes or MP3. Those who knows, let me know.
Info + photos was taken from Discogs.

Various ‎– Hongkong Underground
Label:Rebel Planet Records ‎– #1
Format:Cassette, Compilation
Style:Punk, Hardcore, Thrash, Heavy Metal, Alternative Rock


Various ‎– Romania Underground
Label:Rebel Planet Records ‎– #2
Style:Punk, Hardcore, Thrash, Heavy Metal, Alternative Rock


Various ‎– Malaysia Underground
Label:Rebel Planet Records ‎– #4
Genre:Rock, Non-Music
Style:Punk, Classic Rock, Death Metal, Hard Rock, Field Recording


Various ‎– Makarene Underground - Indian Ocean (Reunion And Mauritius Subculture)
Label:Rebel Planet Records ‎– none
Genre:Rock, Reggae, Folk, World, & Country
Style:Punk, Hard Rock, Roots Reggae

Thanx for any info !!!


Ako bonus sem pridávam niekoľko rozhovorov s Lukom Haasom, v origináloch či v prekladoch ktoré vyšli v rôznych zinoch + nejaké jeho reflexie na punkovú scénu.

Interview from SANJAM zine:

Interview from MAXIMUMROCKNROLL zine no. 307/2008:

(Tento rozhovor vyšiel aj v preklade v zine HLUBOKÁ ORBA č. 30, pozn. Mišo)



...and here is Luk´s answer to questions: "What made you become a punk?
What keeps you attracted to punk?"
from Swiss zine "Slaughtered Trees and Toxic Ink" no.4. done by Pablo:

+You can also download and listen radio show with Luk, where you can hear bands from different countries all over the world!


+Rozhovor zo zinu JUST DIY (ide o preklad zo zinu We´re Gonna Fight)

...a nakoniec ešte úryvok z knihy Kytary a řev...
kde Luk Haas odpovedá na otázku: "Punk v Československu pred rokom 1989 - čo sa ti pri týchto slovách vybaví a akú rolu hrá punk rock v tvojom živote dnes?"


KRACH - Naša vec (1987) (re-upload)