utorok 25. júna 2024

DOKUMENT Sretno Dijete (Gerila DV Film ; Grlić, Rajko, 2003)


Juhoslovanská nezávislá scéna.

In this documentary, Igor Mirković, originally a news reporter, portrays the emergence of the independent, vibrant new wave punk-rock musical scene in Zagreb, ex-Yugoslavia, emerging at the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s. Most of the documentary consists of his interviews with Zagreb rock singers and other important actors on the scene as well as with some of their Belgrade counterparts. With plenty of original musical and archival images from the period, the film makes no claim to objectivity, but is rather a monument to the generation that grew up in the belief that rock’n’roll is larger than life. The story is narrated from the perspective of an outsider since the author was just a teenager when the scene exploded and is concerned with illustrating the life-long influence of rock-music on his way of life. Through Zagreb, Ljubljana, Vienna, Belgrade, Budapest, Paris, Utrecht and New York, the author thus finds himself in pursuit of the heroes of his youth. Mirković also implicitly tried to interconnect his rock story with the fall of socialism: he provides a historical background by bringing in important political moments of the period such as the death of Tito or the evolving economic crisis.

utorok 18. júna 2024

A.M.D. /Anti Military Demonstration/ - Ne Vonulj Be! (1991)


Maďarský hard-core/crossover zo začiatku 90-tych rokov.

Kapela vznikla v roku 1987, nahrala niekoľko albumov. 

Tento som si kúpil v Budapešti od Tamása z Trottel rec., ktorý ho vydal nanovo v roku 2019 (ako reissue z roku 1991).


KRACH - Naša vec (1987) (re-upload)