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KALE "The Archives 1985 - 1988"

KALE - jedna z prvých bulharských post-punkových kapiel. Temný, divný intelektuálsky post-punk. Ich nahrávky z 80-tych rokov skompilované na kazete.


Online: https://archive.org/details/kale-the-archives-1985-1988


KALE (Кале)was one of the first post-punk bands in Bulgaria. It was founded in 1985 by Димитър Воев (Dimitur Voev) and Васил Гюров (Vasil Giurov). Кирил Манчев (Kiril Manchev) soon joined them on drums. They were famous for their deep, philosophical lyrics and unusual sound. You can find their lo-fi recordings from mid 80´s - to late 80´s on this bootleg tape.

"KALE took part in the first rock festival in Sofia, where they were officially thrown out with the help of the police. Something was really scaring the people around this band, they were too extreme and too radical for our short minded scene back then. They were the first to put out their underground films, to form their FAN CLUB (which was not T-Shirts, autographed pictures... but a serious communion between like-minded people). They didn't get enough recognition in their early years, at least I fear the scene wasn't grown up enough to understand their message, people found them too "weird" and too dark, yet this is what I love so much about them! Well, they were well accepted back then by most of the people in the scene, but I yet think not that many people understood what it was all about. They released a split LP with CONTROL in '89, a CD as a posthumous "best of" in '98, and countless tape releases, mostly spread though their fanclub. They split up around 1992 after the death of their leader/songwriter D.Voev. It was a sad event back in those days..."



pictures of the band: http://www.last.fm/music/%D0%9A%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B5/+images/399534


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