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Roll Over Teplice compilation CD 1991

Great compilation from early 90s which map over scene in Czech town Teplice. It was released on Ann records on LP/CD in 1991. 4 bands playing punky alternative rock, some of them have new wavish touches.
UŽ JSME DOMA still playing, they are still active. More info about them you can find here:
DĚTI RÁJE playing alternative rock with syntheizers, fiddlesticks.
VESELÉ PLAVKYNĚ playing "Kafka´s pop", as I can read in the booklet. So check them out.
Last one are DIVIZE T, most "punky" band on comp. Also M. Vanek (from UŽ JSME DOMA,F.P.B.) is in line-up.


Viac sa dočítate priamo z bookletu. Sorry, nie je kompletný. Only in Czech!


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