piatok 27. septembra 2013

Lotyšské zvyšky / Latvian leftovers

Vyštrachal som ešte CDčko na ktorom sú dve lotyšské bandy z ranných 90-ych rokov, lenže každá tam má len po jednej pesničke. Ak máš rád/rada ponurý 90´s indie choď do toho.


The first band in Tornis. Their beginning is naive and cheerful guitarmusic (probably influenced by Pixies, Wedding Present), later they become kind of more serious(?) , but when starting to sing in English, they split up, not achieving the things they could have achieved. The leader went into business, the other 2 members went on keeping TORNIS label in order as well as developing it and played/are playing in such underground bands as SHINE ON, SMOGS, BALOZU PILNI PAGALMI, PLASTALINS, SARKANAIS OKTOBRIS, VOICEKS, e.t.c.


A collaboration between the main people in Tornis circa 1991-1992: Andzons (TUKSA MUCA), Janis Daugavietis and Uldis Gedra (IBM&I). Music - depressive & nice indie.


I found this two bands on one CD-r, so I called it leftovers...just one song from each - dark post-punky indie from Latvia, early 90´s.


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