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Split CD dvoch HC/punk kapiel - z Lotyšska a z Ruska.


When My Authorities Fall was a political hardcore punk / anarcho punk rock band from Rīga, Latvia. Years active from 2002 till 2006.

The music employs good dynamics and falls somewhere between contemporary screamo and classic ’90s emocore. The dual male vocals really drive this music. The vocals blend slightly off key higher pitched singing with a heavier, lower pitched screaming.

When My Authorities lyrics range from personal struggle in the world of communicating images to direct critiques of spectacular society, state fascism and commodity driven lifestyles...


Can you introduce yourself and tell us the story of your band so far ??

there are six of us… we started to do things together in late november of 2002. the first gig took place on the 1st of may 2003. the first tour abroad was in late november 2003 (to russia), then first record at the end of 2003 (still not released, but gonna appear on a six band compilation tape on szarapow sound system, st.petersburg, russia). in summer of 2004 toured lithuania, february 2005 - toured belarus. haven’t been playing outside ex-ussr – some people think that that’s our politics :) it’s not… at the moment we are recording some songs for a 7” due to be released on blackprint records from london.

Why did you choose the name When My Authorities Fall ??

it seemed appropriate and actual at that moment and it is still today. it’s a personal experience. all irrational authorities have to die in your head so you can find the way to yourself. to be what you are and become what you potentially could be. leaving the safe but determined past behind. it’s more difficult to make your own decisions than to follow somebody’s orders, be it man or god. it’s a wonderful and also a scary feeling when for the first time in your life you are really on your own. there is no one who tells you what is right or wrong, what you have to do or not. it’s you who make the decisions now. and from this point on it can only be “before and after”. it’s the breaking point. it’s a constant struggle too. cause authorities are no longer authorities without your respect for them. it’s also a question. when will they finally fall? try to ask it to yourself.

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    Paprsky inženýra Garina - "Blbá Evropa"

    "Czech till now you were alone" compilation 1984


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