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THE PLASTIC PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE "Jak bude po smrti" (1998)

PLASTICI a ich nahrávka z koncertu v Novej Víske v októbri 1979.
Psych-prog-free-jazz-y/underground a texty Ladislava Klímu.








PPOTU a their three song with lyrics of Ladislav Klíma.
Recorded live in Nová Víska, October 1979. First released in 1992 as “Slavná Nemesis”.

Ladislav Klíma was a Czech novelist, playwright, poet and philosopher. He was born August 22, 1878, in the western Bohemian town of Domazlice. His major inspirations were Berkeley, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and the Czech symbolist poet Otokar Brezina. Klíma's philosophy has been called radical subjective idealism, where all reality culminates in an absolute subject, and he developed this into the metaphysical systems of egosolism and deoessence (one fully understanding his substance and becoming the creator of his own divinity). These themes are also explored in his fictions, chief among which are The Sufferings of Prince Sternenhoch and Glorious Nemesis. His other major philosophical works are compilations of shorter texts : Tractates and Dictations (1922) and A Second and Eternity (1927). While only part of Klíma's oeuvre was published during his lifetime, numerous manuscripts were edited and collected posthumously — stories, novels, plays, and a copious correspondence (it is estimated that Klíma, in a fit of disgust, destroyed some 90% of his unpublished manuscripts). And though his writing was marginalized and suppressed by the communist regime for many years it still managed to inspire a generation of underground artists and dissident intellectuals with its vision of one's innate ability to achieve inner freedom, to pursue spiritual sovereignty through deoessence.


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