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Хуго-Уго / Hugo Hugo "67 mm" (2008)

Ruský post-punk.

67 mm
Нет чувств
Самый лучший день
С новым богом
Бежать на выданье
Подвальный Пьеро
Флоренс Найтингейл
Голос твой издалека
Когда наступит день
Снаряды рады
Моя тень


Russian post-punk/experimental.

The Hugo-Hugo group was founded in Togliatti in May 1990 by artists Vladimir Krasnoshchekov and Alexei Kondratiev. At first, the group did not even have a name and was completely acoustic.
The first composition of the group:
Vladimir Krasnoshchekov - vocals, guitar;
Alexey Kondratyev - vocals, percussion, children's accordion;
Yuri Paliy - percussion;
Lily Sorokina - flute.
The main part of the songs was written by Vladimir Krasnoshchekov. Some of the songs were written and performed by Alexei Kondratiev.
In July of that year, guitarist Maxim Kotomtsev joined the group. The name "Hugo-Hugo" was invented by the artist Aleksey Alyapkin (1974-2013), according to him, this was a kind of tribute to the group Pere Ubu.
Two albums were recorded - Rhythm and Blues, Two Suns, Two Moons. In terms of sound and style it is acoustic Russian rock. The influence of the “Zoo” and “Aquarium” is felt.
In the summer of 1991, the album "Hang Glider" was recorded, where Grigory Kuzin played the drums, which has since become the sound engineer of the group. On the bass - Alexei Kozhanov. Singings - Alla Sorokina. Two weeks after recording the album, Maxim Kotomtsov played the solo guitar.
In 1991, the group actively performs at the Togliatti venues, participates in city rock festivals, and in September 1991 the group performed at the “Poor” festival in Samara. By that time, drummer Pavel Shpurov, a classmate of Maxim Kotomtsev, had already joined the group. Alla Sorokina was on vocals.
From this moment - the classic sound of "Hugo-Hugo":
Maxim Kotomtsev - vocals, guitar;
Vladimir Krasnoshchekov - bass;
Pavel Shpurov - drums.
In style it is radically different from the early "Hugo-Hugo." This is a grim post-punk garage.

After the festival “The Worst”, the album “Motor Scooter” was recorded.
In late 1991, Maxim Kotomtsev recorded the album “Unforgivable for the Queen”, which, in fact, was his solo album. After the recording, Maxim destroyed the original recording, however, several copies remained and the album was saved. In parallel, Maxim organized the post-punk noise project “Dead Paris Courtesans Communication 69”, later - “Railroad Underground”.
In May-June 1992, the albums “I am so scared” and “I did not understand anything” were recorded, in which Maxim Kotomtsev wrote most of the songs.
In the summer of 1992, drummer Pavel Shpurov committed suicide (1969 - 1992), after his death, Vladimir Koretich played drums for a short time in the group.
In early 1993, the group broke up. Everyone took up solo projects. Vladimir Krasnoshchekov recorded with the Doppelbok band, Maxim Kotomtsev with the musicians of the Daraga band. Alexey Kondratyev since 2001 is the vocalist of the Lust group.
In 2001-2003 Togliatti musician Alexander “Stead” Mukhin collected, digitized and systematized the entire audio heritage of the “Hugo-Hugo” of an early period.
In March 2005, thanks to the efforts of the leader of the Teacher of Botany group, Alexei Karmanov, the Hugo-Hugo gathered again. The drums were invited by the bassist of the “Teacher of Botany” Alexander Prokhorov. The group began to actively rehearse and perform in clubs in Togliatti. Maxim Kotomtsev also took part in the recording of two albums of the Lust group. In 2006, he played in the Belkanov Band band. In 2006-2007 Maxim is a keyboard player in the Teacher of Botany group.

On August 15, 2007, Maxim Kotomtsev died of cardiac arrest, not having lived 15 days to 38 years.
From that moment, the Hugo-Hugo group ceased to exist.

In 2008, the Ur Realist label released the CD “I am so scared” (a compilation of three albums - “Unforgivable for the Queen”, “I am So Scared” and “Concert in Zhigulevsk”). Also in 2008, Dmitry Karabut edited and released the album “67 mm” in Togliatti, based on the rehearsals of the group.
In 2009-2010 the sound guitarist of the group “Teacher of Botany” Mikhail Lezin released 3 bootlegs - “Good Tales” (2009), “On a Shot Through Field” (2009) and “Mom, curse my pain!” (2010) compiled from Hugo-Hugo archival records. In January 2010, an art festival in memory of Maxim Kotomtsev “Another Day” was held in Tolyatti.


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