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Соломенные Еноты ‎– Колыбельная Для Погибающей Цивилизации (1996)/ Straw Raccoons - "Lullaby for a dying civilization" 1996

Post-punk z Ruska. 

Straw Raccoons is a Moscow underground punk band that existed from 1992 to 2007 in the Tyoply Stan and Konkovo districts Characterized by the bizarre, existential lyrics of leader Boris Usov, radical low-fi sounding and general unprofessionalism, the “lack of integrity” of the game, as well as a veil of secrecy around the group — concerts were rather rare, recordings went around the hands of those close to the group, information about it itself very little.

Recorded in the famous "apartment 104" at the May holidays. The record lasted for two days, as on the first day there were a lot of technical problems and failures due to the grips - crystal cords, malfunctioning microphones, loud lotions, a gifted horse in the form of columns, on which to build a balance well, for example, drums - in general feat. But keep in mind that the instruments and voices were simultaneously written in a line, there were no comics, overlays and multi-channel at all. The apparatus mercilessly lit up, turned on and was cut off, the soldering iron did not pop out of the socket and the sweet smoke of rosin was constantly hovering over the heads of unlucky bugs. Not a record, but sheer torment. It’s a great miracle that something came out of this session.
Judging by the musical delights, then this is the most eclectic album of CE.

"Lisitsyn" is an ingeniously simple four-chord melodic punk. Invented by Usov (!) And Ekzich during the CE tour in January 1996 in Dmitrov - in the dressing room, on an upset guitar and with a bottle of vodka on the table.
"Novelty" - was conceived as a hardcore in the spirit of Biafra with a change of key and elements of boogie-woogie. But as a result of the low performing skills of the participants, the hardcore poured into an obscure punked hard rock, where everyone is also mistaken, and the rhythm jumps like drunk peasants before a Tula samovar.
"Leaf fall" , "Paradise-paradise" with a beautiful and memorable saluba - that same melodic simple punk. Of course, cult things for that time.
more interesting story came out with Wombat - the music of Enotep came up with the idea of ​​a flamenco-inspired Madonna clip, I don’t remember the name of the song, the main guitar move on acoustics was taken from there. Boryan came up with a weird beat rhythm for it, and the then-ZK participant Sergei Kabakov played the electric guitar, accidentally calling during the recording of Ekzich.
"In the place of Remarque" - The text was previously embodied on the early CE album and so that it is impossible to listen. The music was completely redone, starting from classic punk in the spirit of New York dolls and Ramones. The song shone with new colors ...
"Lullaby for punk rock" - "our answer is BG." Alteration of the song thereof in the Raccoon manner with storehouses, snow scooters and quotes from "Dead You". The thing is actually humorous - the authors are Arina with Usov.
"Spring is Prowling" - The song of the group "Chernozem" of the first convocation, where most of the songs belonged to the bass player Dm. Kolokolova, Vadim "Ve" Zuev played drums, and E. Kokorin played the guitar and sang. The cover turned out quite ridiculous, - was written from one take, during which half a song was cut off, and then the microphones sounding drums mysteriously turned on. But as a tribute ...
But the music for "Free Ice" was invented by Arina. The double solo of keyboards and guitar sounds surprisingly good in it, although this moment was practically not rehearsed.
“The Beast Running to the Catcher” - Boryan made music, focusing on the Zoo group and their forerunner in the person of Lou Reed.
- Another remake of the early Raccoons. The music was invented by Ve, in the style of a kind of jazz punk. The truth is chosen by Exic, it is somehow shitty - the last chord in the refrain does not correspond to the original.
As many as two "Cosmos" - this is also a curiosity. The music is nothing more than Nick Cave's "Jungling Jack", zero to zero. However, it is played and sung, it is so unlike the original that it completely goes down as an independent thing. Learn comrades the art of plagiarism!
Yu-Kun-Kun and the Crossroads are an unfinished attempt to play Joy Division in CE.
Well, "Night Flight" - music, Arina's solo guitar.

Ekzich, 11/21/03

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