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Хуй Забей ‎– Лирика задроченных бюстиков / Huj Zabej ‎– Lirika zadročennyh bjustikov (1989)

Podivná ruská parodická post-punk kapela HUJ ZABEJ a ich prvá doska z roku 1989.

HUJ ZABEJ is a Soviet / Russian underground group from the city of Vidnoe , founded in 1989 by school friends and stairwell neighbors Begemot (Igor Bazhanov) and Karabas (Vladimir Kaptsov). Most of the songs consist of one verse and are 30-50 seconds long. The band's music is mostly performed in a parody context and in various genres: blues, jazz, punk rock, pop, French chanson and even country. At the initial stage of their creative career, the group played in the style of punk rock. (wikipedia)

Their first album "Lyrics of Jerked Busts" 1989


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