štvrtok 1. marca 2012

DEVEROVA CHYBA "Do stran" CD (2003)

Drum´n´Bass post-HC alebo jazz-core?
To je jedno. Dobrá muzika.


doplňujúce info:



DEVEROVA CHYBA - great bass-post-HC from Tábor, Czech Republic.

"Deverova Chyba, a jazzcore trio, started off in 1997 in Tábor, Czech Republic. From the beginning the line-up is two basses, drums and vocal powered up with Czech lyrics. For the year 1998 violoncellist Ivana joined the band (CD demo Modra Ryma 1998).

They play a mix of different styles: alternative, punk, hardcore whereas the characteristic sound is given by the instruments line-up. In various reviews that were published all over Europe but also in the US they are being compared to bands such as NoMeansNo, Fugazi, Shellac, Unsane but aslo to the fundamental bands of the Czech alternative scene like Dunaj or Uz Jsme Doma."

(info from last.fm)


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