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Красные Звёзды - Антология Сибирского Панка

Kapela s pôvabným názvom "Červené hviezdy" (robím si srandu) pochádza z Bieloruska, napriek tomu bola zaradená do Antológie sibírskeho punku. Hudobne naozaj vychádzajú (aspoň na tejto nahrávke) z hudobných vplyvov kapiel a bardov sibírskej scény. No zdá sa, že okrem hudobnej inšpirácie prebrali aj podivné politické názory.


Krátko mi ku tomu napísal Alik z Bieloruska: 

Yegor Letov, the leader of Grazhdanskaya Oborona (often abbreviated by fans here as Gr.ob - "coffin" in English :) has flirted with National-Bolsheviks in the nineties, which is now seen rather clearly by many as an artistic statement rather than endorsement of the political agenda of that party, which, in turn, to be fair is also now regarded as something akin to an actionist movement rather than a proper political party whose aim would have been to come to power via a political process. Heck, it's founded by Eduard Limonov, one of the really influential cult contemporary Russian writers, who stated openly that his aim is to first and foremost is to be provocative, to subvert. Letov has a song that literally goes "I will always be against". Against the grain, against the current system, the "good of the masses" etc etc. As much as he was antisoviet in the 80-s (persecuted, locked down by the KGB etc etc) he then in the 90's became the guy playing concerts under national-bolshevik flags. And that was taken as a political/aethetic direction to be followed by some of his epigones,  and it Krasnye Zwezdy were one of these guys, it definitely seems like. 

Grazhdanskaya Oborona in my mind retains its universal value and its place in history for all punk scene in a weird special way, transcending the left/right divide. Letov is a powerful cult figure and a huge influence for a lot of the people of ex-ussr that believed in going against the grain (of either burjouis values or soviet partocracy or post-soviet "democrats" in power). And his followers/immitators? Well, you'd have to research each one specifically. And Krasnye Zwezdy are definitely one of those.

Na blogu určite budem pokračovať aj v hľadaní kapiel z Bieloruska, nedávno na garážach hrali dve nové kapely z Vicebsku, obe rýchly HC  s US-vplyvom, fakt sympatickí chaloši. 

Pozri zopár kapiel z bieloruskej scény:


Rock/punk band "Red Stars" from Belarus.


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