streda 3. marca 2010

KÓTA 22 - demo (1986?)

KÓTA 22, I mentioned this band before. They are playing since mid 80s, and they are, proto-hardcore? I read some reflections to their music and it was described as "trying to play hardcore". Well, in Slovakia starts hardcore music few years later than on the West, because information barriers. KÓTA 22 was one of the first band to try push "punk rock attitude" typical for Slovakian 80s punk movement, little bit foreward. Not in the best way maybe, but truth is that later when they are formed to new band DAVOVÁ PSYCHÓZA, then recorded great HC album in begining of 90s. Some day on this blog too, I hope.

KÓTA 22 - začiatky hardcoru na Slovensku. Tu nájdeš ich demo:

...a tu nejaké info:


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