pondelok 5. apríla 2010


Dostal som mail - asi ako reakciu na príspevok o NO WAVE s linkom na kapelu THE KAREN COOPER COMPLEX. Nikdy som o nej nepočul, je však výborná. Hudba na pomedzí free jazzu, rocku, alternatívy. Album z roku 1981 si môžeš vypočuť v MP3 tu:
(som rád za link, ak máte linky na zaujímavé menej známe kapely, dajte vedieť, zdieľajte)


I got a mail with link to this (unknown for me) band. I like it, free jazz meets alt-rock/post-punk...enjoy!
thanx fo mail! If you know about good bands - send/share.

"The Karen Cooper Complex line goes all the way back to Big Naptar, a six-piece band featuring two sax players, formed in 1970 here in Richmond, that Frank Daniel, Steve Bernard and I all played in. In those days, we were attempting to force a marriage between elemental rock and free jazz. At the same time, Wm. Burke (aka Key Ring Torch) and Bo Jacob (aka Bo Janne Valvoline) were playing with local oddball legends, the Titfield Thunderbolt. Jacob eventually left to go on the road as a sound man for Parliament/Funkadelic and Burke later went solo, calling his act, Wm. Burke's Hideous Truth.

In the late 70's Steve Bernard and a rotating cast of musicians and non-musicians who called themselves I Saw a Bulldozer, recorded a series of private party tapes, organized around three or four female vocalists who wrote Surrealist-style "Exquisite Corpse" lyrics and chanted them in unison in front of a band, coming across something like a female, beatnik version of the Last Poets, who were more interested in art than politics."


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  1. Bomis Prendin was on Steven Stapleton's famous Nurse with Wound List -- and Karen Cooper Complex descended from Bomis Prendin.

    Feature article on both bands on WFMU's Free Music Archive:


    New Karen Cooper Complex video made by a fan in LA: