piatok 20. januára 2012

LEVELLERS "Come on" SP (2002)

LEVELLERS - britská alter-punk-rocková kapela so silným vplyvom tradičných anglických piesní.
Ich singel "Come on" s pekným obalom z r. 2002.
Úvodná skladba je taký pro-ganja song.


Come On
Tranquil Blue


A pred niekoľkými rokmi sme si ich užili aj v Blave.


The Levellers are an English rock band, founded in 1988 and based in Brighton, England. Their musical style is said to be influenced by punk and traditional English music.

Their single "Come on" you can listen thru link on the above.

..."Rolling anarchy" symbol designed by the bassist Jeremy Cunningham. It is composed of three sickles placed so as to form the letter A, recognizable however the logo is rotated.

"Whoever puts their hand upon me to govern me is a usurper, a tyrant, and I declare them my enemy." (French anarchist philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon)


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