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V/A HYPED TO DEATH vol.4 (North American punk U - Z ; 1977-85)

Ak máš rád/a kompilačky typu KILLED BY DEATH, BLOODSTAINS ACROSS..., BACK TO FRONT a podobne, tak toto bude tvoja šálka kávy. Nahrávky kapiel ktoré pred 30 rokmi vydali kdesi na Stredozápade Ameriky jeden sedem-palcový vinyl bez obalu v náklade 300 kusov a podobne. Skrátka "tento typ" kapiel.

HYPED TO DEATH kompilačky sú zamerané na US/Kanadskú/UK punk scénu.

Tu je 4. pokračovanie. Ak niekto má prvé tri, dajte mi vedieť.


HYPED TO DEATH comps info:

Rare, obscure, independent and undiscovered punk, post-punk, "D.I.Y.", and power-pop groups from the U.S. and the U.K. 1977-1984. Hundreds and hundreds of bands on compilation and dozens of releases by individual acts, all brilliantly restored on CD and custom CDR. Plus zillions of links and liner-notes galore...

Vinyl-only weenies will likely scowl disapprovingly at this series. Originally a series of cassettes put together as "shopping aids" to Chuck Warner's excellent catalogs, these began to appear about mid-2000 on CD-R. Each disc is packed with close to 73 minutes of music and comes with a fold-out sheet that has sleeve reproductions. Some also have notes about the bands and records.

Within this series are several sub-series that focus on particular genres. Hyped To Death focuses on US/Canadian punk. The Teen Line series covers powerpop and poprock. The Bad Teeth series covers UK mod and punk. The Homework series focuses on experimental punk/wave and DIY from the USA while Messthethics features UK DIY. Planet Punk covers worldwide punk.

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