sobota 23. marca 2013

KONTROL "´88 - ´92"

Bulharská punková kapela a výber z ich tvorby z prelomu 80tych a 90tych rokov. Kazetu mám z nejakej výmeny, bola nahratá, takže to nie je ripované z originálky.


Контрол (Control) is the most influential punk rock band in Bulgaria. Founded in 1988, the band made its breakthrough in 1991 with their second album "Bumm", followed by their fist concert and joint tour with ФСБ. The band’s success continued with their next album "Леле Како" ("Lele Kako"), which contained their best known hits - the title song "Леле Како" ("Lele Kako") and "Най-щастливият Ден" ("Nay-Shtastliviat Den").

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