streda 26. júna 2013

no longer forgotten music blog will not be forgotten

Dozvedel som sa, že jeden z mojich obľúbených blogov končí. Blog "no longer forgotten music" zverejnil posledný príspevok. Po takmer siedmich rokoch a vyše 2 100 kazetách platniach a singloch, ktoré zverejnil, to zabalil...

It's with great relief that I am able to announce that this is the final entry for No Longer Forgotten Music. I have run out of things to post. But also, no less importantly, I lack the energy to continue. I didn't wait for some significant number to stop, or for the blog's seventh birthday (which happens to be July 13th), or anything special like that. Just an ordinary day in June with a fine, though not particularly spectacular, release. Over the past seven years, I have posted over 2100 albums, tapes, and singles with great joy. However, the difficulties of getting new stuff to post, and of course the difficulties with share sites removing files, have made me lose interest. Everything you've seen here within the last 6 months were ripped more than a year ago. I am simply putting some more items online for the sake of it (and of course also so that I won't have wasted my effort).

It has been a pleasure to do this blog. To know some that fine music posted here has since been officially reissued has made the years of work more than worthwhile.  Once forgotten gems by XX Committee, Odal, Hands To, Vice, Bazooka, Mekanik Kommando, Das Ding, and Sluik have found modern listeners and a wider audience, Some people have even started businesses by officially re-releasing out-of-print stuff that they first heard here. I have exchanged some nice music with some friendly people. Many musicians were happy to find their old sounds again through this blog, though some were upset... although if an album was released an edition of 10 copies and not looked back upon for decades, then I don't understand why the artist would be bothered by a blog post now. Still, I have respectfully removed offending posts when asked to.

It is possible that I'll post something at some time in the future, if by whatever strange coincidence I digitize something for someone, or if I get a new contribution from Dr. Freakowitz. Keep in mind that the re-upping policy remains the same. I am finished actively posting music, but don't worry: I will not remove this blog or deactivate the e-mail address for some time. I might close the possibility to leave comments. 99% of the time it is a request to re-up something. If you want the links to be alive, then you need to help me out: send me a private email and I will send files to you through WeTransfer on one condition: you must re-up them to a file-sharing server so that I can add an active download link here. It's really that simple. If you don't re-up a file you've requested from me, if instead you just consume them without helping to share, then I won't send you anything again. Easy.

This has been another piece of fine print. Over and out.

No, nič všetko raz skončí. Ak sa zaujímaš o undergroundovú experimentálnu muziku, blog si určite pozri, linky sú stále funkčné.

Tuesday, June 25, 2

Tuesday, June 25, 201

...a ja tu dávam ešte rozhovor (čo som kedysi robil do zinu MUZIKA KOMUNIKA) s jeho tvorcom ktorý vystupuje pod pseudonymom "none":


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