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PAVEL Z. "Podobenství" (2011)

Live album Pavla Zajíčka. Poézia a hudobný minimalizmus.


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Pavel Zajíček and his live album. Poetry and minimalism.

"The poet, lyricist, musician and artist Pavel Zajíček was born on 15th April 1951 in Prague. He did not complete his studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague and worked in various blue-collar jobs. In 1973 he established the experimental underground music group DG 307 (with whom, with several breaks, he has continued to perform to this day), and three years later, in a fabricated trial, he was sentenced to one year in prison for disorderly conduct.

In 1980 he emigrated first to Sweden and later to the USA, where he worked predominantly in the visual arts. After the November revolution he lived alternately in New York and Prague, and since 1995 he has been living permanently in Prague.

Before 1989 Pavel Zajíček published a number of his texts in samizdat form. He also illegally disseminated his music projects, whose lyrics or librettos hold their own even without musical accompaniment. Zajíček’s group DG 307 continued the experiments of Milan Knížák’s band Aktual, and in their early lyrics the inspiration of Egon Bondy, with the naive effect of the rhyming structure, is also apparent: „začalo to v noci / budeš počítat roci / vteřina která věčností / ztratíš svý hrůzy s vděčností…“. Initially Zajíček’s song lyrics display echoes of the humorous hippie poetic; however, this playful note soon dies away and in comes seriousness, something rather untypical for the Czech underground of the 70s, which marks the author as a distinct personality. Anarchistic nihilism recedes to a reproachful tone, which feeds off baroque apocalypticism (“every second we should be / prepared for the end”) and later a kind of pagan pantheism which is characterized by “sinking to the bottom of deep springs”. The author stylizes himself into the role of the plebeian prophet – the organic use of colloquial speech including vulgarisms is Zajíček’s trademark – when he confronts his consumerist contemporaries, for example, with Christian martyrs..."



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