štvrtok 21. augusta 2014

V/A KILLED BY DEATH # 8 1/2 (1995)

Kompilácia obskúrnych sedemdesiatkových a osemdesiatkových US-punk kapiel.

Výberovky s názvom KILLED BY DEATH začali vznikať vo Švédsku (label REDRUM) v roku 1989 a boli to v podstate LP bootlegy na ktorých si mohol nájsť dávno zabudnuté, beznádejne vypredané, či nehorázne drahé punkové single z konca 70-tych či začiatku 80-tych rokov.



"KBD - The concept that started it all. Around 1988 an obsessed Swedish collector living in New York started what would cause dozens around the world to develop an addiction to own any obscure record featured under the Killed By Death name. The first 4 volumes highlighted some of the best (and now most expensive) punk records ever. Eventually the name came to be used by just about anyone wanting to put a out compilation of their own favourite records, and the quality of the records featured has decreased as the well of obscure punk records is slowly tapped. There have been exceptions to the decline, with the "All American Punk, No Foreign Junk" series (Volumes 8.5, 9, 10 and 12) rivalling the original volumes in quality of the records featured. No doubt there will continue to be additions to this series..."





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