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ZVAIGŽNU BALSIS - Live (199?) + bonus

Obskúrna kapela/projekt z Kuldigy /Lotyšsko/ a ich improvizovaný set. Viac sa rozpráva ako hrá.


(neviem či fotky sú práve z tejto akcie)

Ako dohrávka (bonus) je tam live-ko kapely D.U.R.A.K.


Live improvised set from some happening or concert of this obscure project from Kuldiga, Latvia.

Bonus live trax are from band D.U.R.A.K.

D.U.R.A.K. as a side-project was created in autumn of year 1996. The setup of the band for that time was Klusais (Vonosonoloppus) - drums, Struhs (Vonosonoloppus) - guitar, Agnese - bass, Mâris (ex - Dilonis, ex - Capajevs Vagons) fuzz bass, Peks (ex - Capajevs Vagons) - voc.

This project created some songs and even has a live performance at the „Trobels” gig, November 96. After some time Klusais grows bored and Struhs takes his place, and almost all songs are created at that time, which later are recorded and brought out on tape. Struhs leaves the band and Gatis (ex - Silver, ex - Gegen) takes his place.

The new line - up was: Agnese - bass guitar, Mâris -fuzzbass/voc, Gatis - drums, and in August 97 D.U.R.A.K.`s first and only EP tape with seven songs is recorded and brought out by De La Muitnieks Tapes. After a little while Gunars (Guntars Lankovskis) came to play fuzzbass and Muitnieks shifted to the role of vocalist, and one live show was played with this line - up of the band. In November Gatis left, and there was no one to play the drums. for Valmiera gig (February 1998) Edzs from Vonsonoloppus was invited to kick the living hell out of the drum set, but after the live show which was really a great one the band split up for some time.

In autumn 99 rehearsals were re - started wiht brand new drummer Zvejnieks, inviting Peks as the vocalist again. The last line- up of hte band was: Agnese - bass, Muitnieks - fuzzbass, Peks - voc, Zvejnieks - drums. with th line - up 2 songs were recorded at some studio in Riga on January 2000 for Odekolons comp. tape. Soon after the band stops its existence for uncertain time...


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