nedeľa 10. mája 2015


Kazeta na ktorej je z jednej strany nahraný sedempalec "Injak Balik!" s indonézskym HC/punkom, (vydal ho label Tian An Men 89) ‎a z druhej strany je výber punku z Malajzie.


Bootleg tape with Indonesian and Malaysian HC/punk bands.

"A short trip to Bandung, Indonesia, in March 1997 during a year-long stay in Afghanistan, and the discovery of the amazing coolness of local scenesters, and blooming local punk culture, left us with no choice but to release this compilation; Most bands are still around and have different kinds of tape releases out. Their style vary from street punk sung in Sunda language to HC in English."

Lük Haas / Tian An Men 89


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