streda 23. decembra 2015

THE TRIAL "Pictures" (1991)

THE TRIAL - electro/synthy-pop z Čiech a ich prvá veľká doska.


Nahrávku v MP3 som získal od Michela z Talianska. Dík.


THE TRIAL - synth-pop/technopop from Czech.

Music of The Trial represents the technopop musical genre.
Technopop (also synthpop) is genre of pop electronic music, created exclusively using synthesizers, samplers and other electronic equipment. Its purpose is not to imitate real acoustic instruments. Rather, unreal synthetic electronic sounds, together with frequent using of sequencers, repeating patterns and automatic rhythmics are typical/characteristic for this kind of genre, as well as some kind of specific cold and robotic aspect.
The band itself refered to legacy of electronic pop scene of 80s. Band's music was influenced mainly by: Kraftwerk, Human League, Visage, OMD, Eurythmics, Yazoo, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, New Order...

So here are TRAIL and their first LP.


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