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Filip was an extremely active musician / publisher in the Czech underground scene, his activity was international. We corresponded in the early 90s and were huge fans of each others groups, Mrtva Budoucnost and Third World Planet. When on tour in 1998, we met in Brno and spent the whole day together, he was so good natured. Over the years we ran into each other at various squats in Germany, Poland, and Czech. Filip published the first post Socialist book on Czech Punk Underground, was very active with his own fanzine and writing for MRR on a regular basis. He also had a family, was a healthy positive person and if you toured in Central Europe, you knew Filip. It's very saddening to share the news of such a great active person dying of cancer at such a young age. Filip leaves a long lasting impression on me. The worldwide punk network just lost a major player and he will not be forgotten.

Jason Flower /SUPREME ECHO label/ wrote on his FB page.


I heard yesterday that SEE YOU IN HELL guitarist Filip Fuchs died. I was stunned, numb...a friend lost a battle to cancer that I didn't even know he was fighting. The last time we exchanged messages SEE YOU IN HELL were preparing for a SE Asian tour, something he and I had talked about several times...and a tour the band had to cancel. Better words will be written by closer friends, but Filip was a huge force, and one of the most uncompromisingly punk people I have ever met. Eternally enthusiastic, with an encyclopedic knowledge of Eastern European punk and hardcore (check Kytary A Rev, his book about '80s Czechoslovakian punk, well worth your time even if you are limited to the English notes), he was as constructively critical as we was enthusiastic and inquisitive. My heart aches for his family, his bandmates and his friends, because as hard as this is for me to digest half a world away, I know that there is a massive void in Brno today. Rest in Power, Filip...

...wrote Robert collins (NO STATIK, CONQUEST FOR DEATH) on his blog http://terminalescape.blogspot.com


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