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Ponúkam LP-platne na výmenu. Československý prog/art/alternative rock. Pokiaľ máš o niečo záujem, napíš na:


Info o platniach: (v anglických referenciách som si pomohol recenziami od predajcu Kalemagdan Disk, ktorý sa špecializuje na rockovú muziku z bývalej "Východnej Európy")

BARNODAJ - "Mauglí" (1978)

Český Art-Rock/Prog-Rock

Czech rock group from Brno. Basically the same personnel as Skupina Jana Sochora, with former members from Vulkán and The Progress Organization. Renamed to Progres 2 before their only album was even released. Members: Zdeněk Kluka, Pavel Pelc, Jan Sochor, Pavel Váně.


BOHEMIA ‎– "Zrnko Písku" (1978)


Bohemia was actually a veritable Czech super group. Jan Kubík (ex-Flamengo), Lešek Semelka (ex-Blue Effect), Michal Pavlíček (ex-Expanze), Vladimír Guma Kulhánek (ex-Flamengo), Jan Hála and Pavel Trnavský (ex-Expanze) were all songwriters, singers and instrumentalists who helped to save Czech “big beat” from the Communist philistines. And they succeeded splendidly, with their rock-jazz fusion music, bolstered by almost surrealistic lyrics, having survived the three decades in an extremely vital condition. The LP today serves as a great testimony to an era.


BSP - Balage–Střihavka–Pavlíček "S/T" (1992)

Hard rock.

Sometime called supergroup as all three members are exceptional personalities of Czech (not-only-rock) music.


MODRÝ EFEKT & Radim Hladík - "S/T"(1976)

Jazz-Rock, Prog Rock pod taktovkou Radima Hladíka.


STROMBOLI - "Shutdown" (1989)

Známy český pop-prog-rock s Basikovou a Pavlíčkom.

Stromboli’s 1989 project: Superlative modern music furnished with English lyrics!

In the nine pieces there are still the artrock repercussions, but added to the mix are a gleeful funky bass, Celtic undertones, multilayered and multicoloured guitar and Bára Basiková’s voice in various moods! What is essential is that it all holds together very well. The band’s original instruments are enriched by the possibilities of synthesisers and drum machines, while the core trio of Michal Pavlíček, Bára Basiková and Jiří Veselý is in individual compositions supported by other Stromboli members (Kryšpín, Seidl, Kašpárková, Dragoun) and guests (M. Vitouš, Zdeněk, Čok, etc.). The album’s magic is undoubtedly enhanced by Martin Němec’s lyrics, translated into English by Michael Žantovský and Ondřej Hejma. Michal Horáček acts in the role of narrator, author of two texts, as well as the accompanying word defining each song.

Compared to the debut outing, it is a more integrated album in production terms, with a few tracks (Sandonorico, Scanners, Back in the Castle, Around the Fires…) firmly in the “top-notch late-80s pop” category. In part you can feel the spirit of Bára and Němec’s band Precedens, but above all the presiding influence of Pavlíček’s guitar compositions and arrangements, skilfully making use of various electrical gadgets. Although possibly a less breakthrough Czech rock apparition than the previous double LP, it is an album logically advancing all its participants into the 1990s. Sensitively remastered by Andy Lažo from the original tapes, in a digipak with additional photographs.

Top-notch late-80s rock pop with a newly polished sound!

From the Eighties Czechoslovakia has been the East European country with the richest production of non-mainstream music. Stromboli were one of the outstanding Czechoslovakian bands from the Eighties playing modern progressive Rock.


STROMBOLI, Michal Pavlíček ‎– Stromboli (1987)

Český Alternative Rock/Jazz-Rock/Fusion/Prog Rock.

1987 double album, a landmark recording in Czech rock history!

Following the ban on Pražský Výběr, the guitarist and composer Michal Pavlíček formed a trio (with the bassist Guma Kulhánek and the drummer Klaudius Kryšpín) for the Jazz Praha ’85 festival. It turned out that the group functioned very well and once it had been extended to include the keyboard player Vendula Kašpárková, the vocalist Bára Basiková, the permanent guest Vilém Čok and the alternating bassist Jiří Veselý, a new musical phenomenon came to life.

The present double LP contains the original combination of live and studio recordings. Stromboli proved the effectiveness of blending the echoes of jazz-rock fusion, robustly supplemented with ferocious guitar sounds, spherical, as well as almost metal rock, passages for instruments and vocals, keyboard and guitar synthesisers, supported by translated Morgenstern poems and newly written lyrics. Aladin, Já ti dávám, dávám (I Give You, Give You), Carmen, Veliké lalula (Great Lalulah), Košilela, Ivanhoe and Ó hory, ó hory (Oh Mountains, oh Mountains) are just a few of the highlights.


Z KOPCE - "Big Beat" (1989)

Alternatíva jak Brno.

Czech alternative-rock.


Info o stave obalov a vinylov cez mail. Ale sú ok.

Ja hľadám napr. tieto dosky/ I am looking for this records:

DO ŘADY - Join the Army (1992)
RADEGAST - Otrávená generace (1992)
BRATRSTVO - Ecclesia (1992)
BEZ LADU A SKLADU - Horúce hlavy (1991)
VÁGTÁZO HALOTTKÉMEK - A Halál... (1988) 1st LP
AE BIZOTTSÁG - Kalandra Fell! LP (1983)
AE BIZOTTSÁG - Jégkrémballet LP (1984)
V/A 1-2-3-START vol. 1
EURÓPA KIADÓ - Popzene LP (1987)
SEXEPIL - Egyesult Álmok (1988)

...a mnoho iných/...and many more

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