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SMAR SW - W Jedności Siła (1992)

SMAR SW - poľský "exploidetovský" punk.

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Album info: https://www.discogs.com/Smar-SW-W-Jedno%C5%9Bci-Si%C5%82a/release/3137691

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Band info: Band formed in 1989 in Rzeszów, Poland. Representing one of the most impressive progress in music skills of band members, and also music itself. Started as one of the infamous "polish punk" band. Simple music, and primitive lyrics most accurate desribes thier early days. In mid 90s, Smar SW become very heavy, massive and dark collective recording albums more similar to Neurosis, The Ex with Tom Cora, than punk rock classics. Releasing thier last album called "Samobójstwo" (in english it means "Suicide") they were allready disbanded. 


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