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Umka - koncert v ZOO / Умка И Броневичок-‎– Концерт В Зоопарке

Ruská folková pesničkárka Umka s kapelou.
Psychadéliou poznačený hippie-folk/blues-rock.


Pozri aj: http://muzika-komunika.blogspot.com/2009/11/hippies-v-zssr.html


Russian female folk singer Umka.

As she wrote about herself: 

At his very time I've got my hippy name, Umka, from one of the friends (actually it was the man I really loved, but he used to say he loved everybody). Umka is the name of the little white bear from an old cartoon, and "um" means "wit" in Russian. So "Umka" may mean "a smart girl who's like a little bear". The nickname couldn't be better. I felt real freedom, and after some time it became too big for me. I couldn't stand it any more; the ideals of self-destruction being very far from me, I had to retreat for a while. Woman is a weak creature, indeed...

Info about her life and music you can find here: 


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