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R.R. Hearse ‎– R.R. Hearse (1985)

Vďaka trejdovaniu linkov a komunikáciu cez Discogs som sa dostal ku niektorým zaujímavým nahrávkam zo slnečného Grécka, ktoré malo (a stále má) solídnu punkovú a post-punkovú scénu. Viacero nahrávok predovšetkým z 80-tych rokov sa postupne objaví na blogu. Vďaka Ion.

R.R. HEARSE - Post-punk/psychadelic-rock z Grécka.

Download link:

R.R. Hearse ‎– R.R. Hearse

Info: RR-Hearse-RR-Hearse/release

Info from Ion: 

R.R. Hearse (his real name is Labros Tsamis) played with several bands from the early 80s. They played under several names (R.R. Hearse, S/M, Strichnines, Vampires, Claustrophobia, S.S.S. + others). Also as performer played live jammings with many punk bands as Ex Humans and Teenage Dolls. At the 90s he stoped use the name RR Hearse and began to use the name Dj LoFi. He still playing as a Dj in several clubs in Athens.

Here I sent you the only video that exist from a live performance with Ex humans recorded in 16mm (the sound is from his track "Endless Sleep").

There exist also two videos as S/M in a VHS video compilation, but the quality of sound and image is not quite nice.  
Some of the S/M recordings are here :

Also here is his current internet-label, that he uploads compilations of his older projects and collaborations. You may find a lot of his projects.


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