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The DIY - Dissociation demo 1997

DIY - punk rock banda z Maďarska.


Band info: 

THE DIY (Do It Yourself)

The history of the band is worth breaking down into epochs, all the more so as the team operated with more or less interruptions. Unfortunately, human and musical disagreements have always had a bearing on the life of the team.

The original (Tihanyi - Kis - Lehner - Sipos) line - up was (perhaps) the most successful so far. All the demos of the band, countless concerts both in Budapest and in the countryside, and an album "Nice Things" are related to this line-up.
Fortunately, the band was able to conduct a lot of concerts in many major cities of the country at the time. Of course, not everything was as beautiful as the reception of the band nationwide ... By the time the band started, the songs on the second album, the band and the bass player are completely apart. At first there are musical problems (Pumpkin wants more melodic music, and the singer is getting rawer and more outspoken ...) and later the personal contradictions within the band become more acute.

After the bassist left the band, people practically migrated in the team ... From
that position, people changed almost every two months. The band could give a party or two and the band could still record a single. Then Tamás Pólinger arrived in the band, then Andris Bokor after Tomi left.
In 2001, DIY was "discontinued" in this lineup. (It is especially interesting that by this time, instead of Lacika, Koller Sanyi was sitting behind the drums, who later left Shitpump after a talent search and a party in Kaposvár, and later became the frontman of the Foul Side, unfortunately this band also became a beggar of the great Hungarian underground scene ...) At the end of 2001 it was the band's "last" concert in this line-up ...
In the summer of 2005, DIY reunited thanks to Kox and Kizon. In addition to the two original members, Dávid Kamarás, drummer and Imre Kiss (ex-Exceptional State), bassist, will join. Then, after a couple of gigs, a few new songs, a lot of rehearsals and a few hysterically mixed discussions, Imi left the band. In fact, it was not musical, but rather human disagreements that caused the problems (as usual!).
After all, first Kox, then Imi's departure and Kox's return, Kizso joins the Basseros position, so the band advances into a trio ... According to the original plan, a second guitarist would have been given a place in Do It, but mostly his negligence. due to the band remaining in the trio as it did not go to rehearsals or concerts.
It will be fully preserved until November 2006, and quite a few concerts will be held by this line-up. Then Kox unexpectedly quits the band again and focuses on his own privacy. He later trumpets the older band members and a couple of his buddies, giving birth to his own band: The Dead Play, which (after some member changes,) is called Kox n 'Roll .
In the spring of 2009, just in the rehearsal room of Shitpump , who is working on his return, the circle of friends of 'Pump's bassist Doma will appear, who will not play music together incidentally in an anonymous formation. The thought arises again about what would happen if ... Unfortunately, nothing happens for the time being, as other problems have to be solved around the 'Pump House.
After all, it brings Do It together again to start practicing for a concert that Shitpump is almost forced to give up. In the last moment before the concert, Kox gets out of DIY again (saying that Kox N 'Roll is more important to him), and is replaced by Miklós Jány from the above-mentioned circle of friends. Towards the end of 2010, the test-dead band will start to come to life again, as a few gigs and a temporary pause in Kox N ’Roll will result in the original guitarist reappearing, but by then everyone will be out of the band.
So some "persuasion" and Hysteria drummer Péter Csányi after accession, Kizso again mixed with the post of bass.

In 2011, the band will take part in a major national tour in the company of various bands. "Who are you punking ?!" series will end roughly in the summer, at the Free Festival and the Swept Festival. 
In 2012, the band did not perform much. The "Kox, Kizso, Csányi" line-up will perform for the last time at the I. 36-hour Pogó Festival.
At the end of the year, Shitpump membership will be part of a special lineup, including DTG drummer in this formation, rehearsing some of the band’s songs and giving three concerts called “The DIY Special Edition”. (This specko lineup will also perform at the II 36-hour Pogó Festival in 2013!)
In October 2013, the band will resurrect, but now, in addition to the singer and the drummer of the special line-up, two new members will join the band, Dániel Keresztiy as guitarist and Mattia Endre Enzo Scognamiglio as bassist. With this line-up, the band tries out a concert program and then starts recording the new record ...

Info from Hungarian zine Kolera.


Hungarian punk.


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