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Bikini ‎– XX. Századi Híradó (1984) - LP for trade !


Ahojte, mám BIKINI LP na výmenu - maďarský post-punk/rock/nová vlna. Platňu som dostal už dávnejšie od kamošky, obal je mierne skrivený a trochu smrdí po mačkách, ale doska hrá dobre.

Kapela Bikini bola taká skôr komerčná kapela, s nádychom punku, novej vlny. Ich spevák Nagy Feró (predtým kapela BEATRICE) bol v Maďarsku asi jeden z prvých, čo pretlačil do mainstreamu divoký rock ´n´ roll s provokatívnymi textami. 

Na doplnenie sem dávam ešte krátky rozhovor s Tamásom (ex-členom punk/underground/alt-rock kapely KGST) o maďarskom punku:


1. Hello Tamás, please, first of all, let's try to introduce yourself. Where are you come from, where you live, what you do and how you got into alternative / punk culture?

Hi, I was born in Hungary in 1973, and lived there even 2014, when moved with my family to the UK. I found the situation too dark to raise my children in Hungary. That is the sad truth. That country has a mentally sick society for hundreds years, and no hope for this will change in the near future. Lots of people feel happy there, good luck them, but my reality is not their reality. Here in England I work as a lorry driver although I finished the sociology in the university. For find a good job in my profession I should be a fluent english speaker, but I don't. I listen books in hungarian during drive, moreover started writing short stories also in hungarian, and I publish more and more. So there aren't good things for develop my english.

The punk thing. In 1987 when I was 14, started to be interested in different culture form that were in the mainstream media. And I found these music, subculture, ideas close to me. To be punk means for me not recpect the authorities, questions everything, and thinking different ways about the life. It is a lonely way, but i can't be normal. So first I started listening punk, later found band, play as well.

2. What were the opportunities in Hungary in the 80's to hear punk recordings, see bands on concerts or actively participate in the creation of alternative culture?

In the 80 was the golden age of the hungarian punk. Aside from very rare examples you couldn't get this from radio, tv, just when the government wanted to point how bad the punk is. All music I get came from bootleg casettes. The live thing was easier, lots of band played live, thr second part of the 80's was easier, less police harassment etc. Most band olayed in the capital, Budapest, but the country was forceful too.

3. Which of the bands in Hungarian punk or the alternative scene are you considered essential/important and why? Can you write down you TOP 10 records of Hungarian punk/alternative?

It's hard to write about the records because most band has no official record, just live or home record. The first punk-ish bands were Spions, VHK, Beatrice but they were more proto punk, than pure punk, staryed late 70's. Spions was more artpunk, VHK plays shaman noise punk, and Beatrice started as pure rock band, and that become something that between new wave and punk. Urh, and Kontroll Csoport player new vave but they were very close to punk. They all very important bands, the music, lyrics, and signify. 

CPg was that punk band, where the members jailed for years because the anticommunist lyrics in 1983...Marina Revue, Tizedes és a többiek,Lenin körút, Kretens, Eta, Qss.

4. You mentioned to me, that you wrote for a newspaper. For which one and what was the range of your topics?

I just wrote in a  2000's years, interviews with bands etc. And nowadays I write literature.

5. I know you played in the band KGST (punk / alternative / underground). At the time of your existence, how did you perceive your place in the scene, with which bands you were related, with whom you used to play? Did you also release a recording? Did you have some contacts to other countries – Poland, Austria, ex-Yugoslavia, or to the West?

We were a very bad band, it was more a friend group than a good band. I uploaded one of our live in the most infamous olace Black Hole (Fekete Lyuk) to the youtube, but better listening something else. The band formed 1989 and finish maybe 1991, but that time I was a hard drug addict so lots of thing are blurry. We influenced Sex pistols, and from hungarians Urh, Neurotic, and one of our friends band called Moszkva tér. With the last one we played together sometimes. No records, just casette, and sadly no intercounty relations.  

6. The early 90's brought more freedom and more opportunities for bands. How did you perceive those times? It was a time of expansion of clubs, fanzines, or even television or radio programs. Did you know a few essential places, zines to mention?

For me the early 90 went drink, use drugs, find girls. But the freedom was hard for the scene. In one hand you could play, publish, but in other hand you lost the power, the message. Lots of people started use their creativity to make money, found family, and the punk transfered some infantilism thing. Fekete Lyuk, Genyó szívó Disztroj, Második Látás

7. What role does nationalism play in the punk scene in Hungary? What were the attitudes of Hungarian punks to the growth of the skinhead movement?

The two subculture in the start were together, and they split, the gossip says was a woman. Theres was permanent conflict. But there wasnt any antifa movement. 


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