utorok 31. augusta 2021

Boykot Fur, Wilsonov Grafički Projekt – The Voice Of Istria


Post-punk/experimental z Chorvátska.


BOYKOT FUR - post-punk in experimantal way and Wilsonov Grafički Projekt was an interesting Art-Punk-Rock band influenced by Bauhaus, Roxy Music, early Talking Heads, Echo And The Bunnyman and Velvet Underground, and including a bunch of important musicians from the Pula Rock scene all the way from the 80s through the 2Ks, as Miro Kusacic, Goran Curic Cotka, Rusmin Obic and Leo Stekar. They played just a few years, played few very important festivals like YURM in Zagreb and the FV in Ljubljana along with the slovenian O-Kult in front of an audience of few thousand. 

Later on, from the ashes of WGP, a new band will begin, Boykot Fur.

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