nedeľa 9. januára 2022

Zuby(Teeth) "Oligofriend" / Зубы - Олигофренд


ZUBY - Tank punk z mesta Naľčik, z oblasti Kabardska-Balkarska.

«Зубы» is a noisy hardcore band from Nalchik. In 1997 they started as a hardcore punk band, playing heavier and tougher than other local bands. The guys quickly got their own style and image and became a bright spot among their contemporaries in KBR. They called their style "Tank Punk".
The second album released in 2001 turned out to be even more toothy and aggressive than the first one. The guitar sound and the vocal delivery became heavier, and the lyrics bites and rips the flesh.
In 2001 3 tracks of the band were released on vinyl as part of "Punk Federation part one" compilation by "Tian An Men 89" studio, France.

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