piatok 6. mája 2022

Mtvaris Dabneleba (მთვარის დაბნელება) - Avad (ill)


Mtvaris Dabneleba - Gruzínsky post-dark-punk.

მთვარის დაბნელება ( Lunar Eclipse) - A Post-Punk, Old School Goth band from Tbilisi, Georgia.



Mtvaris Dabneleba (Lunar Eclipse) was formed in the autumn of 2013 in Tbilisi,Georgia. 

The group has performed many concerts all around Georgia as well as in neighborhood countries and Europe. 

Mtvaris Dabneleba recorded some songs and is currently working on the album.

Current members are:
Giorgi Spanderashvili - Bass-guitar, Vocals.
Giorgi Chxobadze - Guitar.
Irakli Chikviladze - Drums.

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