sobota 27. augusta 2022

KURWS - Powięź / Fascia (2022)


KURWS - zaujímavá zmes jazzu, coru, repetitívnych postupov a psycho náporu.

Dali sa vidieť naživo na festivale FFUD v Seredi.


Kurws formed in May 2008 as an unexpected result of a ping pong session. Since then they have pursued their own search, not so much in defined genres, but within the very foundations of rock, expression, and sound. It is a workshop where improvisation penetrates through composed material, a congealed form of the creation process. Armed with repetitions, recombinations, variations and contrasts, they frolic with memory and expectations. Post punk, krautrock, rock in opposition, funk, no wave - they present modes of playing, motives, and riffs we have heard time and time again in a totally different context, dissected from their original environment, placed side by side, used in a brand new manner, deconstructed and distilled.

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