nedeľa 2. októbra 2022

DRŤ | Lumen 03.11.2019 (First Show Ever)


Prvý koncert kapely DRŤ ešte z roku 2019.

A 15.10. 2022 majú hrať v Bratislave.


First show ever of the slovakian-hungarian punk band Drť (Slump Scraps).

All the texts were cut off from interviews with Alojz Lorenc, who was one of the most powerful man of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Europian socialist world he stayed powerful in many different status. His name was involved in many suspicious business. Ha was also judged for prison. But he never was in jail. Members of the band: Michal Kaščák - vocal Miroslav Tóth - saxophone Marek Buranovský - guitar Lucia Chuťková - keys Áron Porteleki - drums Márton Csernovszky - bass Texts were edited by Marek Kundlák. Concept and music by Miroslav Tóth. Audio & video recorded, mixed & edited by Dávid Tamás Pap for Prepost Records / MonkeyBusinessProduction

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