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Miladojka Youneed - 3 albums


Band info: Miladojka Youneed was Slovenian free punk/funk/jazz band formed in 1985 in former Yugoslavia. Their style was defined as pop-core, acid-metal and synthetic-trash.

Their's musical work, although hard to classify, provokes a lot of different, mostly superlative interpretation and marked significant changes in experiencing contemporary popular art.

By synthesizing different musical genres MYN gather fans of Butthole Surfers and Art Of Noise, Kraftwerk and Motorhead, Lounge Lizards and No means No. They know how to be easy and they know how to be brutal but they are always effective as they are dealing with totality.

In 1986. they released their first cassette, under the slovenian independent label of alternative music, founded by the members of Borghesia and Disko FV, FC Založba.

MILADOJKA YOUNEED - S/T cassette (1986)

MILADOJKA YOUNEED - Ghastly Beyond Belief! (1987)

MILADOJKA YOUNEED - Bloodylon (1990)

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