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KILHETS - 3, 5, (Live 1979: Koncert č. 3, Folimanka 27.5. 1979 / Koncert č. 5, Folimanka 3.11.1979)


One of the most peculiar groups in the history of czech rock is the Kilhets project of the "Stehlíkov" drummer Petr Křečan. His basic idea was to combine several kinds of art at the same time and create a sort of incomprehensible collage in which elements of theater, art and improvised music would blend together. A fragment of sounds, colors and situations that implicitly express the chaos, confusion, and "clipping" of contemporary life. All eight concerts played by the ensemble caused quite contradictory responses, based on the fact that nothing like that had been played until then.

Music: https://archive.org/details/kilhets-2-x-live-1979

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