sobota 25. marca 2023

Kapele C.C.C.P / Dezerter (QQRYQ Tapes / Tank Records / 1986)


Kazeta na ktorej je výber Sovietskych new wave/experimental kapiel a pár skladieb poľskej kapely DEZERTER. 

Vyšla v roku 1986.


Side One of this cassette contains the Russian underground music from the first half of the 80s - from before Grbaczow. Those years it was not easy to make music on your own. That's why so many bands here use drum machines - it was just not too safe to play too loud. The master tape was smuggled to Poland under a skirt of a brave girl from Leningrad. We can't tell you the names of the bands nor the titles of the tracks - we just don't know them. This is what we meat doing this cassette possible - ISOLATION

Side Two contains Dezerter live recording from Februar 1986


Source: Discogs, Internet Archive

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