štvrtok 1. júna 2023

REMDIK - S/T album (2023)


REMDIK - útočný OI/street-punk/core zo Žiliny. 

Ex - Staré Deti a kopa iných kapiel.


Band info:

The idea to start a band of this calibre dates back to 2008! Time tested this idea and Remdik was formed with two blood brothers and two non-blood brothers. The first material contains eight songs with confrontational content, nostalgically reminiscing about the past, but also responding to today's fucked up times! Remdik is no ordinary band, Remdik is a family!

All songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Bajak.

Cover by court painter Ajshe!

The album will see the light of day as a cassette on the Balkan label DIY conspiracy!


Kazetová verzia albumu čoskoro na labely 161 Strikes:


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