streda 16. júna 2010

...more African punk

Few weeks ago I got mail from Fred (Darbouka rec.)

"Hello there,
TIEN AN MEN 89 records and DARBOUKA records have released the records from DEMOKHRATIA: a hardcore band from ALGERIA!! They sing in arabic language and play fast hardcore like LOS CRUDOS or INFEST.
The band toured Europe recently and we only have a few copies left for sale.
* Pour la France: 5 euros port compris paiement par chèque à l'ordre de: Fred BRAHIM / 17 rue de la forêt / 67340 MENCHHOFFEN.
* Foreign orders: 7,5 euros payment by paypal at:
For any question, write back."




band myspace:


So, if you interested about some punk from Africa, contact him.



That´s me, I was on Djerba Island, the biggest island of Africa, belongs to Tunisia. 

I was looking there also for some punk, but didn´t find any...but you know, it wasn´t my priority at that time, I was there on honeymoon :)

/Photo by my wife Lucia/

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