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PROPAGANDA zin číslo 5.
A-punkový (a inšpiratívny!) zin z úplného východu Slovenska, zo začiatku 90tych rokov. Okrem iného v ňom nájdeš aj rozhovor so švajčiarskym punkáčom Pablom, ktorý ostro vystupoval proti CDčkám. Mimochodom, Pablo a jeho aktivity mali do značnej miery vplyv aj na zin PROPAGANDA. Pokiaľ vieš anglicky, v dolnej časti tohto príspevku nájdeš úryvok z "komuniké", v ktorom Pablo spomína niektoré svoje aktivity v punkovej scéne.


Viac info o zine:

Tu máš možnosť pozrieť ziny z ktorých PROPAGANDA vychádzala:


"...After punk hit me I formed my first imaginary band and called it ‚Punky And The Stunky’.Still in skool I published a few numbers of a band fanzine about this band and somehow managed to sell all five copies of each issue.Seriously,in 1977 I wanted to be in a punk band,but was too young for that.But during my apprenticeship the day came closer when we had The Decay’s first line up in Summer of 1983.That line-up enclosed me and 3 mates who worked in the same shop! Only one of them was halfway into the Clash and France’s Telephone.The other two didn’t really know anything about punk.There we were,having a band name,a line-up,dreams of a first 7’’ but no instruments at all!It took ½ a year until we finally had the instruments and somewhere for the practise.Some of the early members left before the first practise and we got in a guy who went to skool with the drummer,a private skool and our first practise in early 1984 happened in a church!The line-up also perfectly states that I always was into punk as a global thing.My great-grandparents were from Romania.Our drummer was ½ mexican,our singer austrian and our bassist from Argentina!Sadly we never recorded anything else than poor practise room tapes with this line up.1984 saw us heading for England-we wanted to record our first real demo tape in England! First our bassist dropped out and in the last few minutes before departure our drummer pulled out as well.So there was only me and the singer arriving in Sheffield!I’ll never forget the face of the studio’s engineer who looked at us and said ‚you must be crazy’.We said we wanted to record 50 songs,and there was no drum kit,no bass guitar…somehow we started to record with a drum-machine and the bass from a synthesizer and seeing that my guitar playing was so shite we still managed to record 13 of the 50 planned songs.The engineer brought in a bass player and all of a sudden we had a professional bass and a crap sound for the rest of the music.Amazingly enough,in 2001 a guy from the USA released 4 of the songs on a bootleg 7’’!!!Later that year,some line-up changes later,we recorded another tape,this time in Switzerland.We invited 3 of our metal friends,so there was 6 of us.And to make it even more chaotic we agreed to switch instruments after every song.Those 3 metallers couldn’t play any instruments either,all the more we were surprised that some of the songs turned out really well!More line up changes later we booked more studio time,settled down with a line up and practised for the first time like a ‚real’ band.Five songs were rehearsed and all was ready for the studio session.Then we had to kick out our bassist,cos he wanted to play guitar but we already had someone…so when the day arrived it was my first time to play the bass,which of course you can hear very well,how untalented I was!From the 1st to the 3rd time in studio I had switched from playing guitar to vocals and then even to play a crap bass.Anyway,these recordings were made and we knew we had to do it ourselves.I had released the tapes under the name Sick Records,so that was also the label’s name for the 7’’ that was called „Tonight(Back From The Death)EP“ that came out in early 1985.It paid that with skool we went to visit the vinyl press plant which was not far away from where I was living.That part of skool was the most interesting thing we ever did!So,Sick Records was born,and we even had a few self-organized gigs,the first one in Sept.84 in a youth centre(just a few minutes before the gig our vocalist left,so I had to take over vocals!),and then the second was in Bern(capital city of Switzerland),and that was my first dose of a squat back in early 1985 at the ‚Punkhaus’!!Driven by all this we booked another studio time and yet with another line-up(and me switching to the drums)!That recording we liked so much so we changed the name of the band into The Brains Of Humans and released the tape as ‚Anarchy,Peace,Love,Liberty,Equality’.Well,I guess you know the continuation of the story,more line-up changes,more recordings,more band names,more releases.Sick Records was run by me and the ep’s guitarist of The Decay.But since I was skint for a long time,it ended up being his and our new vocalist’s label,as I simply couldn’t afford to invest any money.So one day they said you’re out!They went on and started Far Out Records.I went back home and started Resistance Productions with a few tapes of our bands,plus a tape by the then brandnew Fleisch.Before being able to put out more vinyl the thought of a zine came back to me and so I published my first punk zine ‚Alternative’ back in 1988.68 pages copied,I lost loads on cash with that,cos copy costs were so high,none would have paid $10 for a copy!The Brains Of Humans evolved and after a one year break reformed and then we decided we’d record a 7’’ and tour europe.So in 1989 Resistance Productions released it’s first 7’’.The label was run by me and Fritze(our roadie),although fully financed by him and another good friend of us named Oli.Thanx to earlier releases such as the tapes and the 7’’ I knew of this thing called ‚trading’-I send you my record,you send me yours’.I very much enjoyed this and most of what I have released was traded with people from abroad,and I still do it to this day.It’s the best way to spread your stuff and get new stuff from abroad in exchange!!Putting words into actions!!Resistance Productions became a busy label after we released our „Game 88 EP“ 7’’and we started to release stuff from penfriends’s bands as well,such as the H.C.P. ‚Anti Drugs’ EP(from Poland)and Flagrants D’eli(France).Starting with the Brains Of Humans we also started to organize gigs in Zurich,first in youth centres and then later on in squats.The first foreign band we organized was Active Minds(UK) in 1987.Of the ‚Alternative’ zine we did 5 issues,with the last peaking at 168 pages plus a poster!! Cash was becoming tight,and I didn’t wanted to stop the zine thing.So in 1991 I started ‚No Sanctuary’,a monthly zine.Pretty soon I wasn’t on my own anymore and Resistance Productions were at some point up to 4 people.The zine existed for 3 years,36 issues,obviously.I was always fascinated with the Crass comp.LP’s ‚Bullshit Detector’,so when the money was here we compiled that and co-released Vol.4 in 1993,a dream to come true,and even some Crass members said it was great we picked up their idea.When The Brains Of Humans split in 1989,just before the tour, I formed Earth Citizens with our roadie Fritze.We played every squat in Zurich and some more in Switzerland,released a 7’’ „No God No Leaders No State No Religion“ and a tape „To A Nation Of Party Lovers“ and finally toured Europe in May 1991 including gigs in France,Holland and England,another dream come true!!We tried to squat a whole building as well,but failed cos neighbors called the police…that same building was then successfully squatted while we were on tour…When Maggie Thatcher came to Switzerland we tried to organise a non-violent demonstration,but that failed as well,cos most people wanted to have a fight with the riot cops.At the big squat we organised some events as well(besides gigs) like the broadcast of the Crass film and others.However,in 1993 Protest(the follow up band of Earth Citizens with just me and Fritze)/Resistance Productions/my family moved from Zurich to Biel.That went well for a while but then the band split up,Fritze headed for Luzern and then later to Germany,and not so much later I got divorced and the label was me on my own again.I was close to give up.But I was talked over in starting a new label with my then-girlfriend from Greece who studied in England.After only 2 releases though,she lost interest in me and the label and I just thought,ok I’ll do it myself and then in the end I have released 17 and a ½ records between 1998 and 2007.At some point in the late 90’s/early 00’s I did another zine called ‚Braindeath’ and then a newsletter called ‚The Safety Pin’.However,somehow I just was getting too lazy and stopped the zine and the newsletter,only concentrating on the label.All of my activities from 1984 until 2007 exclude modern technology such as CD’s,e-mail,websites,DVD’s and the likes.There was a time I received ten letters a day,compared to maybe 10 letters a month now!Punx used to know how to write-haha!!So that brings us to today.My only activity now is trading records and once in a while writing stuff for friends’s zines.But who knows,if someone comes my way with a lot of enthusiasm I could maybe start another label,zine or whatever,time will tell..."

(part of Pablo´s communiqué)


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