nedeľa 28. augusta 2011

10 000 YEARS PUNK "7 - A Bejing punk compilation / Underground China (1998)

Po dlhšom čase opäť trochu ázijského punku. Tento krát z Číny!

A prípadne pozri aj:


Great punk compilation made by Luk Haas/TIAN AN MEN 89 records. You can hear punk ´77 / OI mix from China! Bands like @ BOYS, BRAIN FAILURE, 69, REFLECTOR. Sorry, this is rip from the cassette, not from vinyl.

As you can read in book "Discography of Eastern European punk music 1977 - 1999", in second edition (2000), where are also includes punk bands from China: "The mainland Chinese punk scene is very young, the first rock bands having appeared in China only in late 1986. The first music classified as "punk" in china was usually very far from Western punk standarts, but the spirit was there! The first rock musican in China, Cui Jian, could probably qualify as punk too!..."

Of course now, in 2011, situation must be different. Search and hear!


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