piatok 17. februára 2012

BARRY BOOTH "Diversions!" (1968)

Raritný album z rokov 60tych. Album Barryho Bootha na ktorom sa podieľali aj Michael Palin a Terry Jones z Monthy Pythton ako textári.


info o nahrávke:


"Even those of us who love the period could be forgiven sometimes for feeling that, over the last few years, every obscurity from the late 1960s has been disinterred, dusted down and re-evaluated by fans and critics alike. Nevertheless, a few releases of genuine quality from this over-analysed era remain ignored, unknown and, it would seem, resolutely buried. The 1968 album Diversions!, a solo album from the otherwise anonymous Barry Booth, is a case in point: only the fact that the lyrics were penned by Terry Jones and Michael Palin has ensured the album any kind of place in the history books, and that merely as a brief footnote in the Monty Python’s Flying Circus story, where it nestles alongside such deathless Python-related vinyl projects as Funny Game, Football."

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  1. Hello! Can you please re-post this Barry Booth album? The zshare link seems to be dead. Thank you!