pondelok 13. februára 2012

A SPOON CALLED PHRANC "Happy songs lift sad moods" (2003)

Krátka pauzička od starého Yugo punku.

Nemecký lo-fi folk v babskom prevedení.
Indie, lo-fi, home-made, femi...
Príjemný počuv.

Tu je ich debutový album:


na last.fm-ku píšu:

"Regardless, willful, original. These two girls grew up in suburbs of Berlin to pay no respect to whatever what holds in contemporary indie music. Homemade, 100% lo-fi records changed during three years of existence into noisy trash pop – catchy tunes and straight powerful electronic beats which support loud guitars and roaring keyboards. In 2006 the girls adopted L´points drummer from Praha. Spoons don’t care about genres or rules, everything is allowed and freedom of expression is the reason as well as the result. This is the real girl power, without feministic clichés."


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