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PSÍ VOJÁCI "Live I" (1993)

PSÍ VOJÁCI naživo z roku 1993. Dnes prvá časť z dvojdisku.

Kapelová story:


PSÍ VOJÁCI and their live songs from different concerts played in 1993. More live sonx will come soon in next blog post.

They were Prague jazz avantgarde band led by Filip Topol, a controversial pianist, singer and composer, who has also built his own solo career alongside the band.

They had their first concert in 1979 when most members were only 13. The gig was such a success that they were immediately banned by the regime and withdrew to private underground performances ever since.

After the 1989 revolution their popularity and cult grew fast and they toured around many European countries and festivals.

“There has always been something punk in our music. It gives the punks somethin different than ordinary punk bands do, but I feel we have a lot in common.” Filip Topol, 1999.

The group split in 2011 because of personal and health reasons.

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