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S.I.K.A. "...some memorial" kazeta / tape (2011)

Hard-core/thrash-core-punk kapela S.I.K.A. a ich taká "skoro komplet discography" kazeta vydaná v Nemecku pred dvoma rokmi.

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S.I.K.A story

Back in late 90s few angry young men try to started fast punk band. Influenced by European/US 80´´s hardcore, punk and fast bands all over the world they founded band which later become S.I.K.A. (Letters stands for "Subsistence In Kontra Attitude"). "Be in opposition against bad things, even it is hard and your existence is not comfortable".S.I.K.A. officially started around 1999. Released few records, making few tours over Europe, played with many bands. And regularly practice in Garage, their rehearsal room, which became also gig place for many hardcore bands. Band members try to support and improve do-it-yourself ethic of HxCx/punk movement. Also playing in some different bands beside S.I.K.A.
Few members left, few will come. Face of S.I.K.A. changed little bit from fast sloopy thrashcore to hc/punky thrash. But D.I.Y. attitude still stayed. Until end, in year 2004. This tape may besome memorial. Some song were released before, some don´t.
Some members are still active in punk scene, some don´t.
Two ex-members actually playing in crust/metal band BETON, other one (me) playing in melancho-punk band ŠIGELA.

Don´t hesitate to contact us.

This tape was compiled by me (drummer of S.I.K.A.), with permission of other members of S.I.K.A.

Tape was released in Germany on SCHWARZERPETER RECORDS.


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