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ŽOAMBO ŽOET WORKESTRAO "Svakoga Dana U Svakom Pogledu Sve Manje Nazadujem" (2003)

Lahôdka pre priaznivcov alternatívnej a podivnej muziky. Slovinci ŽOAMBO ŽOET WORKESTRAO hrajú uletnú muziku so saxofónom, divokú a nespútanú. Niečo medzi "Rock in opposition", divným jazzom, avantgardou a neviem čím ešte. CD vydal Eric Boros (HERMIT, VIALKA) na svojom labely Manufracture.


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Interesting avantgarde band from Slovenia!

Zoambo Zoet Workestrao biography
A Slovenian rock project ZOAMBO ZOET WORKESTRAO got started in 1992 as an incarnation for kinda music that had been missed, by three provincial students - Gregor BELUSIC (guitar), Ivo PODERZAJ (bass), and Erik MUSEVIC (drums). Rajko MURSIC joined this project in 1993 as a booster upon the independent music scene in Slovenia, and they soon joined forces with similarly radical counterparts from Croatia and Slovenia in the so called The Other / Second League project which was a part of a wider cultural-political movement around The Association of Tribal Communities and Shamans. After their debut cassette album "Kabelski kresovi" released in the following year, Uros SRPCIC replaced Erik as a new drummer but only in a period for recording "Zivljenje Brez Janeza / Life Without Anus", that was released completely in 2005.

In 1995 ZOAMBO ZOET WORKESTRAO recruited Marjan STANIC and two compilation albums - Laibach-Tiranha (1998) and Paket Angazma (2000) - were released. Through an experience of hunger strikes as a small commune by open-minded music critics and followers, they firstly tried to publish an album "Svakoga Dana U Svakom Pogledu Sve Manje Nazadujem" on their own, but with a huge help from Eric Boros or a Canadian label Manufracture, they could release the stuff. In 2008 they released "Cum Rectum Plenum Celibatare Facile Est", in collaboration with a recording engineer Bojan Babic and a renowned producer Bob Drake.



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